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Dr. Shukhman will guide, encourage, and expertly supervise you on your journey, significantly boosting your potential for achieving sustainable and effective weight loss

Why is it so hard?


Losing weight and maintaining the loss is often challenging due to a combination of physiological and psychological factors. Our bodies have a natural "set point," a weight range that they are accustomed to and strive to maintain. When we attempt to lose weight, our metabolism may slow down to counteract the calorie deficit, making it progressively harder to shed additional pounds. Moreover, our mindset plays a crucial role; negative thought patterns, unrealistic expectations, and an "all-or-nothing" mentality can undermine our efforts. The journey requires rewiring our relationship with food, adopting sustainable habits, and addressing emotional triggers. This intricate interplay between our body's physiological mechanisms and our mental attitude makes long-term weight loss a complex endeavor that demands patience, consistency, and a holistic approach.

Dr. Jeffrey Shukhman is an expert with helping patients lose weight. By joining a White Olive Direct Primary Care Membership, you will have direct access to Dr. Shukhman, who is a leading professional in weight loss, and access to all his team of specialist who are also specialized in weight loss. Not ready to join yet? You can also schedule a Medical Weight Loss Consultation with Dr. Shukhman

Dr. Shukhman is Board-Certified in Obesity Medicine

Your wellness is our highest priority at White Olive DPC. Dr. Shukhman understands the value of healthy weight management. As a young child, he personally witnessed the hardships his mother faced coping with chronic obesity. From crash diets to miracle supplements, a sustainable lifestyle and long-term weight loss seemed unattainable. 

The frustration, wasted money, time, and resources, and desperation to find a solution significantly impacted her mental health and overall wellness. Board-certified in Obesity Medicine, Dr. Shukhman was finally able to empower her in managing her weight and living a better lifestyle. 

Now, with a commitment to accessible healthcare in San Fernando Valley, Dr. Shukhman is excited to share his support and guidance. 

Providing Obesity Medicine in Los Angeles County is our specialty at White Olive Direct Primary Care. Learn more about starting your wellness journey today.

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