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How DPC Benefits Employers

Dr. Jeffrey Shukhman

Small Businesses


White Olive Direct Primary Care is a great option for small business owners. By choosing our DPC practice, your employees and your company will benefit from easy access, convenient and quality care that will enhance employee health and happiness. This provides employers a competitive advantage for recruitment and retention purposes and to help decrease employee turnover rates. 

Dr. Jeffrey Shukhman



The savings continue to add up when you consider healthier employees who call out less and have same day or next day appointments. This helps get employees back to work faster and are happier with their healthcare - this will result in improved employee retention. For all these reasons, White Olive Direct Primary Care is a great benefit for both employers and employees!

Delivering Affordable Healthcare

As a company, one of the best things you can do for your employees is to consider offering Direct Primary Care membership plans for your staff. By choosing DPC as a health benefits offering, your employees and your company will benefit! Many employers find that DPC is a convenient way to ensure quality care, enhance employee health and happiness, and provide a competitive advantage for recruitment and retention purposes that help decrease turnover rates. More importantly, however, it offers significant cost savings for employers.

In 2020, it was reported that the average cost to employers was $14,563 per year to provide group health insurance to employees with families and $5,946 to provide coverage for individuals. These numbers continue to increase every year. By joining White Olive DPC, employers can offer high-value medical care to their employees at much lower rates. This will significantly impact a company’s bottom line in healthcare costs.


Annual on-site evaluations are also available and flu clinic.

Primary Care Plan per Employee


Three (3) or more Employees

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