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Men's Health



Initial Consultation with Doctor

Diagnostic laboratory testing

One time fee: $ 200 - applied to first month if join membership and confirming diagnosis



Monthly medication & supplies to treat hypogonadism*

Quarterly visits in person with doctor and laboratory monitoring of medication

Monthly check-ins with doctor via text, email, or video



$250 / month

Includes all services in Men's Health Plan and Premium Primary Care Plan


$200 / month

Includes all services in Men's Health Plan Only

Man Doing Pushup

*Additional medications to Testosterone such as Human Gonadotropin (hCG) and Anastrozole are subject to additional fees


6-months minimum membership 

After 3-months, cancel at any time: 30-day written notice is required to discontinue membership 

If the monthly membership payment is not received on the due date, there will be a 30-day grace period to pay membership fees in full. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation of membership.

Recognizing and addressing hormonal deficiencies in men is crucial for unlocking their full potential and ensuring optimal well-being


  • Will I be working with a Nutritionist?
    Yes. You have the opportunity to work with a registered dietician in all our programs. The Weight Loss Only, The Weight Loss Intensive and the Wellness and Longevity Memberships have these visits included. The Premium Primary Care Members can schedule these visits a la carte.
  • How Often Will I Check In With My Doctor?
    Dr. Shukhman will have monthly in person or virtual visits with each member of the Weight Loss Intensive Membership and the Weight Loss Only Membership. Premium Primary Care and Wellness & Longevity Members can schedule follow up visits as frequently as want and need. They get unlimited access to Dr. Shukhman!
  • Can I Join the Weight Loss Program and NOT be a Primary Care Member?
    YES! Anyone can join a White Olive Weight Loss Intensive Membership and Weight Loss Only Membership.
  • What if I struggle with emotional eating or a sugar addiction?
    We are thrilled to have highly skilled therapist as part of our team, specializing in a range of areas, including addiction, overeating disorders, and emotional eating. While her services are not currently included in our weight loss program package, we are pleased to offer our weight loss program patients exclusive discounted rates for her expertise. This ensures that our patients who need help in this area receive comprehensive support on their journey towards improved health and well-being.
  • What About If I Need Weight Loss Medication to Help Me Lose Weight?
    Dr. Shukhman will evaluate and recommend if weight loss medications are appropriate. This is a joint decision with patients. We do have generic Semiglutide available for patients at a discounted cash price!
  • Are Meal Plans Included in The Weight Loss Program?
    Yes, individual meal plan recommendations and 1:1 nutrition counseling are included as part of our Weight Loss Only, Weight Loss Intensive, and Wellness & Longevity Memberships. We work with patients of all preferences and lifestyles, including those with dietary restrictions. We'll identify a healthy meal plan that best suits your routine so you'll be more likely to stay on track and achieve long lasting wellness.
  • What Kind of Metrics Will I Be Monitoring During Visits and Check-Ins?
    We'll help you keep track of your progress by looking at key metrics such as BMI, waist circumference, and body fat percentage. We'll also review how your meal plan is going, make any necessary adjustments, and discuss your personalized fitness routine where applicable. He also checks laboratory studies and prescribes medicine when applicable.
  • What is a Metabolic Profile?
    Dr. Shukhman will use laboratory studies to ensure there are no secondary causes of your weight gain, look for comorbidities and assist when determining your treatment. “One size does not fit all!”
  • If I am considering bariatric surgery or if I already had a bariatric surgery previously, can I join this program?
    Yes! Anyone can join the White Olive Weight Loss Program. If you are considering surgery, this program can help you lose some weight prior to surgery. This has been shown to decrease a person's preoperative risk for the procedure. Also, Dr. Shukhman is a specialist in Obesity Medicine and is able to prepare you for surgery, optimize you prior, and do you preoperative assessment. If you have already has a bariatric surgery previous, this is a great weight loss program for you to maintain weight loss and help lose additional weight if needed. Schedule meet & greet today to learn more!
  • My Insurance Does Not Cover Weight Management. Is Direct Primary Care an Option for Me?
    Absolutely! Affordable healthcare through a DPC model is a great option for services not covered by insurance. Check out our membership page to learn more about plans and pricing. Direct Primary Care in Los Angeles County is the way of the future! Whether you are underinsured, insured, or have no insurance we welcome you at White Olive DPC. We're excited to work alongside you and support you throughout your journey.
  • What Other Factors Contribute to Weight Gain and How Can a Direct Primary Care Doctor Help?
    You may be surprised to learn that obesity is determined by far more than calories in and calories out. Hormones, health history, family history, underlying health conditions, and lifestyle routines can all impact your weight. Dr. Shukhman is focused on empowering you to live your best life. As a DPC provider, he takes your whole health history into account and makes targeted recommendations based on your goals. No gimmicks. No fad diets. Just simple, honest wellness.
  • When Pursuing a Weight Management Program Through a DPC, Are Regular Follow-Up's Possible to Help Me Stay Motivated?
    Consistency and accountability are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle change. Dr. Shukhman is available via email, text, and call whenever you need some friendly encouragement, advice, or insight. A direct primary care membership is much more than simple office visit coverage. The DPC model supports an ongoing, comprehensive wellness plan for all of your health goals.
  • I Have Insurance, but My Policy Does Not Cover Weight Loss and Obesity Medicine in LA County. Can I Still Become a Member?
    Absolutely! We know insurance policies are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many of our members utilize our services in addition to their primary care provider. You can enjoy the full benefit of membership and wellness coaching as a compliment to your current insurance policy.


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